February 24, 2006

Welcome to The Daily Improvisation, a project of mine that’s been years in the making.

This site contains mp3 files of improvised piano music performed by me. Due to space constraints on the blog, I will just be posting links to my home site for the mp3s. Due to space constraints in general, only one month of improvisations will be online at a time (but if you like what you hear, mp3 CDs of an entire month’s archives will be available for a donation). I will definitely put new music up here several times a week — the unevenness of my teaching load means something new will not go up every day, as I have two days of ten hour teaching! — but I may be able to catch up on other days and average once a day.I have been developing an improvisational style for the last several years based on my convictions about what music means for us, what good music should sound and be like, what’s gone wrong in my corner of the musical world, and of couse who I am as a musician.  

I hope you will stick with this site, and be with me as my style continues to develop and I try to create music increasingly in the image of what I think music should be.The pages at right have more information on me, my music, my views on my music and that of others, etc. The link in the blogroll goes to my home page, which has information on my work in theory, therapy, education, and performance.Comments of all sorts welcome.


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