#21: Lilting

March 26, 2006

Audio link: 26 March 2006

A lilting idea that develops into a few things.


2 Responses to “#21: Lilting”

  1. Brent Murray Says:

    I like the strength of the rhythm in this one. Something seemed to be trying to assert itself right before the end, there; I wonder what that was about?

  2. ericbarnhill Says:

    I think this explains it: often when I’m improvising pre-recording and working some things out, I take a particular idea in numerous directions. Some have more heft or striving in them and others are more light. This was the case of an idea that was sort of too strong for the theme at the opening, but after all the intensity of the middle section, it felt right to lay it in when the theme came back at the end. That’s not to say I knew exactly what was coming but I had previously played around with some material in that direction.

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