Welcome Noodle Food Fans

March 28, 2006

Welcome visitors from Diana Hsieh's blog! I sincerely hope that my music gives you something of value. If you like it, stick around and leave a comment or two. Audio files are in this list, and general info on the project is to the right.


3 Responses to “Welcome Noodle Food Fans”

  1. Ergo Says:

    I came over from Diana’s blog… I’m excited to check out your site, listen to some of your work. Welcome to blogging!

  2. came in from diana’s link.

    as a piano-playing improviser myself, i’m enjoying your work much. listening to http://cognitive-eurhythmics.com/improvisations/EBimprov24.mp3 and am in mind of the great alkan and the good medtner. 🙂

  3. ericbarnhill Says:

    Interesting composers to compare this to. I had the same thought that this is kind of a Russian textural choice. Which I think is related to the fact that all Russian music seems to connect to ballet. Rachmaninoff made some similar choices in his preludes.

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