Jukebox, Finally, Truly, Works

January 1, 2007

Talk about an auspicious start to the new year – you can now, finally, get a successful random-playing jukebox at http://cognitive-eurhythmics.com/jukebox. It will play you shuffled tracks from the Daily Improvsation archives back to track 38 (before 38 I had a sample rate that doesn’t work with this player).

And the accursed parrot, that taunted me from inside a malfunctioning jukebox for months, only shows his face for a moment before dissolving into ominous black. Rather than banish him entirely, I leave him in this little limbo-purgatory.

Be warned about one thing – this thing is cache-sticky. If you find it going back to the same track a lot, empty your browser cache and you should be fine.


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