#197: Variations on “Will You?” from Grey Gardens

February 11, 2007

Audio link: 11 Feb 2007

Jae and I saw the musical “Grey Gardens” last night. It is a brilliant musical that has the compassion to ask what the roots would be of a story that is usually milked for camp and amusement. The music was so deftly composed that a disproportionately large amount of storytelling was done through it, which was an achievement too. Most numbers were not “torchy” but a couple were gorgeous. Here’s one of them to the best I remember it with some improvised variations. I can’t testify the chords are absolutely correct since I heard it last night in the theater. It’s on the long side: the song is slow and in my improvs I just wanted to sit in the lovely spaces.

On another note, I’ve gotten a cold three out of the last three weeks. This is what happens when you teach 100+ kindergartners a week during a deep freeze. Colds really obliterate the excess energy I try to save for improvisations. Hence my weekly-or-so output lately.


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