#258: Live Performance – Improv on Chopin

June 27, 2007

Audio link: 27 June 2007

Wouldn’t you know it, I arrive to the International Dalcroze Institute in Boston and they put on a public recital the first Wednesday. So I programmed 3 Etudes with Improvised Preluding – my first public performance of my style of improvisation!

I was delighted with how it went. The audience chose the etudes and I played them in that order with preluding. But of course, it wouldn’t be a good performance on the Daily Improvisation if there weren’t audio problems. In this case, anything above mezzo-forte blew the levels on the condenser mic I put in the audience. Is this really happening in 2007? So, you’ve been warned – by audiophile standards it’s near unlistenable, but if you’re interested in my live improvs, you’ll be able to figure out what I did. Also the audio has me speaking about what I’m doing and why.

It looks like I’ll do another public performance like this in Geneva later in July – I’ll post it here if I get audio.


2 Responses to “#258: Live Performance – Improv on Chopin”

  1. david Says:

    congrats! I hope the next recording goes well. I’d like to hear it!!!

  2. Gorgeous, Eric. Bravo. Just found out about your blog from Eric Edberg, cello prof at DePauw and member of Music for People.

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