513: Versus Lukasz Langa

June 25, 2009

At long last, my shamefully delayed response to Lukasz Langa. With the new baby and the end of year commitments, things just got a bit out of hand. (Among the other reasons I had to get a lot of rest, there was swine flu at my school!)

And now I hear there is too much distortion in this recording! Ah well, I want to keep to the rules. I worked mostly off of one of Lukasz’ harmonic schemes. Something about his post inspired me to improvise something more through-composed and less symmetric than my usual business, and I’m glad for that.

I will now be on hiatus as I travel to Geneva for a couple of weeks to the Institut Jaques-Dalcroze, but as I will be taking lessons and seminars in improvisation, I may have a few live clips to blog from there. Blogging likely resumes after my return July 5.

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