Clearing way for the new sound

November 27, 2009

As those of you know who have been patient enough to follow The Daily Improvisation through its fallow fall, my improvisations have developed a lot lately, spurred on by some wonderful lessons with the improviser Joy Kane.

As a result I’m creating two jukeboxes, one from the advent of the “new sound” as it were and one archival. The new jukebox is and the archival is . Both are linked to in the “play the jukebox” sidebar.

While I’m making some announcements, you might be happy to know that three of my improvs have hit more than ten thousand downloads, and a few dozen more are between one and two thousand listens. A lot of the downloads are coming from China but I am having trouble figuring out from where, so I can’t make contact with whatever fans these are.

This is always a tough time of year for improvising but as any of you following me long term know, I always pick myself back up and get improvising again when time allows. Happy Thanksgiving and you’ll hear more from me before the holidays.

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