September 25, 2010

It’s interesting how many things can go wrong in keeping up this blog. So often, it was technical problems, or then later, my son doing the 2am disco boogie for nights on end, which wiped out my ability to make improvisations I like.

This time, over the summer, I hit a bit of a creative crisis with this blog. I’m struggling to articulate it exactly, but it has to do with improvising all the notes from the ear, rather than improvising a melodic idea and then using kind of “music theory intelligence” to fill in a good setting for it. What if every note were chosen with the inner ear? So I became dissatisfied with my improvisations once again. There was a second element to my crisis too which was even harder to describe.

Anyway, I hacked away this summer at my self-imposed dissatisfaction and did not manage to turn any corner decisively. But these two improvisations give some idea of where I am at. I hope to do more soon, I think I may be wobbling away from my crisis okay.

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